Advancing Growth
through the transformational impact of emerging technologies

For Digital to be Real, technology has to transition from Server room to Board room. Re-calibrate expectations from Linear to Exponential. Quantum leap your Experiences & Efficiencies.


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About Us

CoantumLeap is a platform committed to digital transformation in ASIA, with high focus on Financial Services.

  • Mission: Advancing growth through the transformational imfact of emerging technologies
  • Value proposition: Making business faster, better and cheaper
  • Technology Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Immersive experinces, Analytics
  • Secret sauce: Unique framework designed around -Big problems waiting to be solved

Designed as Asia Pacific's digital transformation partner of choice, the venture is focussed on an accelerated build out of a predominantly APAC & Financial Services digital solutions.

Leveraging emerging technologies like ML, NLP, Deep Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtuality Reality, Robotic Automation & Cloud, we help our clients of our portfolio companies solve key business problems with an outcome based business model

Towards this goal, CoantumLeap Tech Ventures is building an integrated and advanced B2B & B2C emerging technology portfolio


The CoantumLeap platform is structured around four key growth pillars

Each pillar is designed to operate individually as well as offer synergestic value propositions

  • Acquiring strategic stake (prefereably majority) in high potential but stagnant/current low-growth business, and work with current management to bring about an accelerated turnaround/growth.

    We acquired a niche startup in the immersive experience space that offers cutting edge Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & 3D visualization based solutions operating under the brand Wowsome. The startup is now reorganized as part of Coantum Immersive

  • We work with high potential technology and domain experts with passion to start an entreprenurial journey to create a differentiated and disruptive technology business

    In early 2020, we incubated a hi-tech deep learning and NLP & NLG based conversational experiences startup called Polynomial. Polynomial today offers a massively parellel multi-brain architecture cloud AI platform that is solving key business problems across industries. Know more about Polynomial

  • We create new business propositions by joining hands with successful global technology companies to target specific unmet needs in the region.

    Our Joint Venture (CoantumLeap Int Pte Ltd) with Indus Net, a digital engineering services solution firm with clients across India, UK, mainland Europe & South Africa offers unique digital solutions for Insurance and larger financial service clients. Know more about INT

  • Focus on fintech value proposition development in South and South East Asian markets

    Via DigiBankAsia, we are building both full spectrum license based digital banks as well as Over-the-top (OTT) banking propositions in the region. UNO (UNObank) is DigiBankAsia's retail banking brand under this venture. More about Uno

Press Coverage

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Inviting Startups in AI, ML & Fintech spaces

If you are solving a key problem using disruptive technologies and have early stage validation of the solution, you could be eligible for the "Incubate by CoantumLeap" program


The Venture has been created by industry veterans in digital technologies and financial services space with track record of high velocity client and shareholder value creation

Manish Bhai


Financial services and banking veteran

Puneet Gupta


Tech veteran with 80+ patents


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